Refund Policy

Refunds may occasionally be offered at the discretion of the management. Refunds are only taken into consideration in circumstances where there is a clear reason to do so, For example technical failure, or situations where you clearly did not receive what you have ordered.


All claims for refunds will only be entertained if received in writing at the shop within 48 hours of collection.

 The maximum refund we offer is the value of the cake and delivery. Further compensation is not available.


Internet Sales


 Internet sales orders can only be confirmed as received once a confirmation email has been received by the customer.


The two hour notice commences upon confirmation.


No amendments can be made to internet orders once payment has been made.


We must be notified of any complaints arising from Cakes delight within 24 hours. The cake and any portions need to be returned for testing and further investigation within 24 hours.


In the event of a technical failure, website service outage or issues beyond our control, the extent of our liability will be limited to the total amount paid for the cake. Service Outages on our website will not include downtime due to Acts of God, nor outside security breaches.


In the event that an incorrect price is charged for an online order due to any technical glitch or error on the online ordering system, Cakes delight  Ltd  reserve the right to charge the correct price. We will make every effort to notify you of this prior to collection.